Check your oil and get your windows?

Service stations may be a thing of the past,
but at Software Odyssey full-service web design and development is our speciality.



Tony's 'The Pit' Barbecue, a famous BBQ joint in Texas has a gorgeous website. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the site; it was well coded and stunningly beautiful, but it was built before the current responsive design standards and just could not display on mobile devices.


Software Odyssey was contracted to bring Tony's website up to today's mobile-first standards. Now Tony's 'The Pit' Barbecue site is completely mobile friendly and ready to serve a whole new generation of foodie seekers.



Bootstrap 3.11


Big Picture Branding

Start-up company in 2006 was searching for an identity. They got way more than they expected with the Flash website we built. Although the company has since closed it's doors, their website captures the creative effort and attention to detail we bring to all of our client's projects.



[Software Odyssey] exceeded our expectations by their combination of industry expertise, progressive technology and responsive client service which resulted in timely, on budget deliverables. They have proven themselves to be an ideal technology solutions partner.

- Julie H.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Fabulous Food Festival

Bringing food trucks and carnival activities together for charities, this Florida-based promoter hired Software Odyssey to create an exciting web presence that sold the concept to both sponsors and the public. We basically knocked this one out of the park with a great logo design and website.





I appreciated that you made these changes so quickly. The changes that you have made over the past couple of days have made a HUGE difference in the way that property owners are perceiving the FFFs.

- Adam B.
Orlando, FL

Sky Energy

Sky Energy offers wind energy to residential customers across the U.S. though a network of utility companies. Software Odyssey was brought in to create a unique way to purchase credits through the company's website.



I really like the Online Renewable Station that you created for us and we received a new customer order already.

- Brian W.
Greenville, SC


Golan-Harris contracted Software Odyssey to convey statistics for the new 2012 Healthcare Reform. We delivered an Infographic that draws viewers into a fresh and engaging experience.


This looks great! I’ve already made the payment...

- Mary P.
San Francisco, CA


I’m a software developer with a passion for creative and fun UI design. I help start-ups build apps that solve problems and websites that promote businesses. I've been developing software since before the Internets (think Hollerith punch cards). I love's what I do.

When I’m not coding, you can find me biking and traveling with my lovely wife, volunteering with Colorado St. Bernard Rescue, and jamming to my tunes. I used to play drums in local rock bands. Nowdays I just paint, draw, work on graphic design stuff and tinker around the house.

So, you want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.